About Us

Committee Meeting Dates

The Committee of the Bendigo Competitions Society Inc. meets at least once monthly throughout the year.

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting is held in September or October.  The actual date and time is published in a local newspaper, usually The Advertiser, in accordance with the rules of incorporation.

Current Officials

SECRETARY: Linda Saari
TREASURER: David Hague
COMMITTEE MEMBERS: Bernadette Painter, David Hague, Julianne Shelton, Linda Saari, Tania Franks, Vashti Lamaro, Judith Chalmers

Life Members

Mrs P. Goonan (dec), Mr. J. Harper (dec), Mrs. C. Holsworth, Mr. B. Kenyon (dec), Mr. I. Marshall, Mrs. M. Marshall (dec), Mrs. J. McCarthy, Mr. R.G. Roberts, Mrs. J Scott, Mrs. P. Sutton (dec), Mr. J. Thomas, Mrs. L. Watson (dec), Miss R Watson, Mrs. B. Wrenn, Mr. T. Wrenn, Mrs C. Maunder, Mrs F. Thomas, Mr R. Butler. Mrs K. Veitch, Mr. D. Castles, Mr D. Hague. Mr P. Spark

Past Presidents

1923    Mr. M.E. Symes
1924    Mr. J Leaney
1925    Mr. S. Martin
1926    Mr. R.S.V. Cocking (2 years)
1928    Cr. W.H. Taylor (2 years)
1930    Mr. A. Roberts
1931    Mr. H. Woolcock (2 years)
1933    Mr. W. Taylor
1934    Mr. G. Ranson
1935    Mr. F. Cambridge
1936    Cr. W. H. Taylor
1937    Mr. R.B.Plowman (3 years)
1940    Mr. Gerson Krost (2 years)
1942    Not held 3 years during the War
1945    Mr. W. Duffy
1948    Mr. W. Tovey (2 years)
1950    Mr. N. Hammill (2 years)
1952    Mr. W. J. Werry (2 years)
1954    Mr. C. Cowling
1955    Mr. J. L. Court (3 years)
1958    Mr. J. H. Jenkins (2 years)
1960    Mr. L. L. Rigg
1962    Mr. O. Duffy (2 years)
1964    Mr. J. Harper
1965    Mr. J. C. Chamney (3 years)
1968    Mr. W. J. Werry (2 years)
1970    Mr. T. Tuff (1½ years)
1971    Mr. L. Hall (2 years)
1973    Mr. J. L. Court
1974    Mr. W. J. Werry
1975    Mr. C. Houston (3 years)
1978    Mr. K. Lock (3 years)
1981    Mr. G. Roberts (2 years)
1983    Mrs. R Houston (3 years)
1986    Mr. J. Thomas (4 years)
1990    Mr. E. Wrenn (2 years)
1992    Mrs. J. McCarthy (4 years)
1997    Mr. E. Wrenn (2 years)
1999    Mrs. Kathie Veitch (3 years)
2002    Mrs. Fay Thomas (current)


During the Eisteddfod an office will be located at the Venue. It will be open for thirty minutes prior to the commencement of each session.