Dance Condition of Entry

The Bendigo Competitions Society
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Classical Ballet and Theatrical Dance Conditions of Entry




COPYRIGHT – In accordance with Federal statutes competitors must use the original materials or have permission from the relevant owners of copyright to make and use copies of copyright material at this Eisteddfod. Bendigo Competitions Society Inc. will not be liable for any infringements regarding copyright.

It is understood that by entering Bendigo Competitions you have read, understand, and agree to abide by all rules and regulations which include any COVID-19 restrictions set in place either by the government or Bendigo Competitions Society.

Bendigo Competitions Society aims to hold a safe event, and your safety and that of our volunteers is paramount.  Bendigo Competitions Society Committee is very excited to be able to hold this event and the Committee will work closely with teachers in ensuring that all children get the chance to perform.  The Committee is aware of how enforced isolation may have some effect on troupe numbers and presentations – teachers please contact the Dance Co-ordinator if this becomes a concern.  

PLEASE DO NOT ATTEND OUR COMPETITION, EITHER AS A COMPETITOR OR AN AUDIENCE MEMBER IF YOU ARE UNWELL – THAT IS IF YOU HAVE A COLD, OR FLU OR VIRUS LIKE SYMPTOMS or if you are awaiting results of a COVID test.  A lack of understanding will not be an acceptable reason for you to attend or to remain at the competition.  YOUR TOTAL CO-OPERATION IS REQUIRED TO ENSURE THIS EVENT CAN OCCUR AND RUN AS PLANNED.

COVID 19 regulations will be adhered to in accordance with government legislation and Bendigo South East College at the time of the competition.  The use of QR codes may or may not be required and you will be notified at the time of arrival – signage will indicate whether QR coding is necessary.  Staff will be at the venue to assist you with signing in and updating you on current COVID-19 rules.

The below mentioned rules around hygiene, mask wearing, auditorium requirements, may also alter as we move through 2023– any major changes will be noted on Bendigo Competitions Society Web page and on our Facebook page.


  • Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the building.  Please bring your own hand sanitizer to the event to ensure this is readily available to you.
  • Masks – Masks may be required for all people in the venue aged 12 and above.  Please ensure everyone over 12 has a mask.  At the time of the competition, if masks are mandated, performers may be required to wear masks back stage and will be permitted to remove them prior to performing.
  • Please ensure you maintain the required social distancing legislated at all times.
  • No sharing of water bottles or food.


Education Department facilities have specific rules for community use – Bendigo Competitions Society will be running this competition in accordance with the current Education Department rules.

  • Ticket sales will be available on line.
  • Seating arrangements in the Bendigo South East College Auditorium will be in accordance with current government legislation, Education Department rules and Bendigo South East College requirements.
  • Entry and exits from the auditorium will be organized by ushers.
  • Teachers will be issued with a pass which must be worn at all times.  A teacher will be permitted backstage when their student is on stage.  Teacher passes need to be requested prior to the commencement of the competition.
  • Competitors will be issued with a competitor pass allowing them to access the auditorium.  Access will be dependent upon permitted auditorium density limits at the time of the competition.
  • Strictly no filming or photography is permitted in the auditorium of any performer at any time as this is a breach of Child Protection Legislation.  If a breach occurs, this will result in the competitor being disqualified and the competitor and those with him/her being asked to leave the venue.
  • The auditorium will be cleared at the end of each session to ensure the auditorium is cleaned prior to the commencement of the next session.


These areas will be strictly monitored and will also be subject to the COVID-19 rules at the time of the competition.  For example, at the time of 2021 Dance Competition, parental access to the dressing rooms was more limited than what is currently allowed.  Teachers are permitted in these areas.

People entering and exiting these areas will be closely monitored.


  • Performers over 10 years of age are not permitted to have parents/guardians in the dressing room.  If parental assistance is required for under 10, one parent is allowed in the dressing room.  The parent is not to remain in the dressing room once the change is completed.  Teachers can remain in the dressing rooms to assist with changes, and to manage and support students.  Schools are encouraged not to have an excessive number of teachers in the dressing room at any given time.
  • Competitors, once ready for their performance, are to remain in the dressing room until they are advised to go to the holding room or may present to the holding room.
  • If a performer has big breaks between items, and you are not able or do not wish to remain in the auditorium, we ask that you leave the facility and return at a later time.  Congregating in the foyer is not permitted.
  • Please do not bring excess luggage into the venue.  Please keep everything to a minimum and all items are to be removed from the dressing rooms following your performance in a particular session.
  • TROUPES– teachers are permitted in the dressing room to assist with troupes and can appoint three (3) assistants to help in the dressing room – the names of assistants need to be provided prior to the commencement of the session in order that the assistants can be provided with entry passes.  No additional people are allowed in the dressing rooms.  


  • Parents, if escorting their child from the dressing room, are asked to leave their child in the holding room with the designated “holding room” staff member who will ensure that the performer is provided with support and encouragement and moved to the back stage area when required. Due to limited numbers and space, parents cannot remain in the holding room – if a parent needs to be in this room permission would be required from the holding room staff member.
  • Parents please be assured that your child will be adequately supported and supervised by our very experienced volunteer staff.


  • Parents are not permitted in the backstage area (not even for prop placement).  If your child requires a prop, please provide a stage plan for prop placement – ideally please minimize the use of props. Props are to be collected immediately at the end of the session.  Large props are not to be left in the dressing room.
  • Teachers should go to opposite prompt side (stage right) when viewing students and leave immediately their student has performed.
  • Parents please be assured that your child will be adequately supported and supervised by our very experienced backstage staff.
  • All competitors will reassemble on stage to hear the adjudicator’s remarks and for the awarding of prizes.  Competitors will form a socially distanced semi-circle on stage.  All competitors must be ready to present back stage at the end of their section.  If competitors perform early in the section and have chosen to enter the audience and not return to the holding room, they must exit the auditorium three (3) performers before the end of the section to ensure they are ready for presentations.


  • The foyer and dressing rooms cannot be used as communal areas.
  • In any areas that may be designated as communal areas, people need to adhere the current social distancing requirements.  These areas, if any, will be monitored by Bendigo Competitions Society staff and people may be asked to move if there is concern about numbers as legislated density numbers may be stipulated via government regulation.
  1. RISK:

1.1       All competitors enter and dance at this competition at their own risk.

  1. ENTRY:

 2.1       Competition is open to both amateur and professional dancers.

2.2       Competitors are not entitled to a refund in cases of non-appearance in any section.

2.3.      Refund of entry money will not be granted following registration.

2.4       A condition of entry is that an administration fee is required per family – if multiple entries are entered on one entry each family is required to pay the administration fee.  It is preferable if each competing family enters as a separate entry.

2.5      Age of entry is the age of the competitor as at the 1st January of the year you are entering.

2.6     If a late entry is requested and approved, there will be an additional cost of $20.00.


3.1.     The decision of the Adjudicator is final and no discussion or correspondence can be entered into.

3.2       No person may communicate with the Adjudicator during the course of the competition.


 4.1        UPLOADING INTO THE STARDOM SYSTEM WILL BE AVAILABLE PRIOR TO THE COMMENCEMENT OF THE COMPETITION.  This will be confirmed on the Society’s Web Site and on the Society’s Face Book.  Competitors will be able to go into the Stardom System and upload their music.  Music is to be uploaded no later than two weeks prior to the commencement of the dancing competition.  A professional sound system will be available to play music if the upload/download system is not operating.

4.2       Digital recording of music is preferred.

4.3      Duplicate copies of recordings at the Competition are strongly recommended.  A back up copy on a device is also recommended.

4.3.1   In the event of the uploading system not being in place, a separate CD or USB for each performance is required and should be in a pocket or case. Only the ONE TRACK RELEVANT to the Section should be on each CD/USB. The Competitor’s name should be clearly written on the CD/USB using an appropriate pen, with details clearly visible through its protective case. Do not use labels on the CD as this may cause CD failure. (Note: if the CD is prepared on a home computer, ensure it is finalised properly and plays through a normal audio system. Please don’t use RW-CDs(re-writable) as they are sometimes not recognised in sensitive replay equipment)

4.4      Vocals on CDs are NOT permitted for Song and Dance or Song and Tap sections.

4.5       Pre-recorded tapping is not permitted in any Tap or Song and Tap section.

  1. TIMING:

 5.1       The timing of an item will begin with the commencement of the music and end with the conclusion of the music.  It is a condition of entry that time limits are adhered to.

  1. NOVICE:

6.1       A novice is a person who has not won a first, second or third prize in any competition, at the time of registration, in the section in which he or she is entering. Competitors performing and placing in Under 6 categories at Bendigo Competitions are able to enter novice Under 8 sections at Bendigo Competitions.


7.1       Any competitor incorrectly appearing in any sections will be disqualified from the relevant sections. This applies to solo, duo and troupe sections. No aggregate points will be awarded either individually or to schools in this instance.


8.1       A competitor who commences performing an item and stops will be allowed to restart the item at the end of the section for a critique only. However, if the restart is caused by a technical fault in equipment or the wrong music has been played, a restart for adjudication will be allowed providing the fault is quickly corrected.


9.1       A competitor can only appear once in any section, except for troupe interchanges.

9.2       Schools entering two or more Troupes in the same section will be allowed an interchange of two (2) performers.

9.3       Competitors entering solo sections shall only enter their own age groups in either OPEN or NOVICE as appropriate, not both.

9.4       No routine may be repeated apart from the following exceptions:

Classical Ballet –    Classical Performance Showcase Solos.

Theatrical Dance – Theatrical Performance Showcase Solos.

Competitors entering any of the above sections are required to check specific entry conditions regarding repetition. 


10.1    Competitors may appear only once in each section – no interchanges allowed.

10.2    Competitors may appear in one age group only. 


11.1    Solo aggregate trophies will be awarded to the competitors gaining the highest aggregate points in specific open solo and novice sections. The specific sections in Classical Ballet are i) Classical Ballet; ii)Neo-Classical, iii) Lyrical Dance, iv) Character or Demi-Character; and v) Contemporary.  The specific sections in Theatrical Dance are i) Tapping; ii) Song and Tap; iii) Song and Dance(Tapping Barred); iv) Jazz or Musical Comedy; and v) Voice Over Vocals(Not Mimed). To be eligible to attain this award, a competitor must have a minimum of six (6) points. 5 points will be awarded for 1st, 3 points for 2nd, 2 points for 3rd and 1 point for H.M regardless of ties.

11.2     A Grand Aggregate Scholarship – Senior and Junior scholarships will be awarded in both Classical and Theatrical disciplines to the competitor gaining the highest aggregate points from the above solo aggregate awards in the open categories. Novice aggregate winners are not eligible to win a Grand Aggregate Scholarship. Competitors performing in age groups12 years and above (open) are eligible for the Senior Grand Aggregate in both Classical Ballet and Theatrical Dance.  Competitors performing in age groups 8 years and under 12 (open) are eligible for the Junior Grand Aggregate in both Classical Ballet and Theatrical Dance. The Senior Grand Aggregate prize is $200.00 in both disciplines and the Junior Grand Aggregate prize is $100.00 in both disciplines. In the case of a tie, any cash prize will be equally divided between the winners.

11.3    Teacher/School awards will be presented to the teachers of the schools gaining the highest aggregate points, and runners up, in solos, duos/trios/quads, and troupe sections. All solos, duos/trios/quads and troupes count towards school aggregates with the exception of VET/V.C.E. and Primary/Secondary School sections. Troupe prize money 1st $15.00, 2nd $10.00, 3rd $5.00 will be given to dance teachers/schools.  In the case of a tie, the cash prize will be split equally between the place getters. 


12.1   If the adjudicator awards an equal, and prize money is the prize or part of the prize, the prize money will be divided equally between place getters.


13.1    No rehearsal is permitted on the stage during the Eisteddfod.


14.1     Parents are not permitted backstage unless by prior arrangement with the session’s Stage Manager.

14.2.    If a teacher is not present, competitors under the age of 10 may have a parent present but permission from the stage manager is required.

14.3    Any adult backstage must have visible to the Stage Manager either a Teacher’s Pass or an entry ticket.   


15.1    No prompting is permitted side stage or from the audience. 


16.1    Teachers are required to provide the names of troupe competitors prior to the commencement of the Eisteddfod to ensure that competitor passes are available for these competitors.  One list per age group will suffice in the case of multiple troupe entries.

16.2   Each competitor will be provided with a competitor pass at the time of booking in and will be required to display this if wishing to enter the auditorium.

16.3   Names for Teacher Passes to be submitted by email by no later than 11/6/2023.   


17.1  The Society reserves the right to cancel or combine any sections at its discretion.  


18.1  If any competitor leaves the stage empty once a performance has commenced, the competitor will be adjudicated for a critique only.


19.1    The use of these by any member of the audience is strictly prohibited in the auditorium during the competition. Pagers and mobile phones must be turned off while in the auditorium. Offenders may be removed from the auditorium.


20.1    The Society reserves the right to record, photograph, broadcast and/or telecast the whole or any part of the competition for the purpose of promotion. By submitting your entry you have automatically granted permission for digital images or videos to be used for promotional purposes. 


21.1    Any protests are to be made in writing within an hour of the completion of the section and to be accompanied by a deposit of $20.00. If the protest is upheld the deposit will be refunded.  If the protest is not upheld the deposit will be forfeited.


22.1    The decision of the Society in all questions or disputes arising out of and not provided for by these conditions will be final. All entries are received subject to this proviso and shall not be subject to any appeal of law.

  1.  SAFETY

23.1    In the event of an emergency that requires an evacuation, patrons are required to follow the directions of authorised personnel.


24.1    Competitors must wear tights if wearing leotards, short “shorts”, dresses or skirts.  Competitors not adhering to this rule will be disqualified.