Dance Condition of Entry

The Bendigo Competitions Society
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Specific Classical Ballet and Theatrical Dance Conditions of Entry


Ann-Marie Brazier
Julie Green

To be read in conjunction with General Conditions.

COPYRIGHTThe Society will not be liable for any copyright infringements.

  1. RISK:

1.1       All competitors enter and dance at this competition at their own risk.

  1. ENTRY:

2.1       Competition is open to both amateur and professional dancers.

2.2       Competitors are not entitled to a refund in cases of non-appearance in any section.

2.3.       Refund of entry money will not be granted following registration.

2.4       A condition of entry is that an administration fee is required per family – if multiple enries are entered on one entry each family is required to pay the administration fee.



3.1.     The decisions of the adjudicators are final and no discussion or correspondence can be entered into.

3.2       No person may communicate with the adjudicator during the course of the competition.


4.1       A professional sound system comprising a CD player, MP3 and IPOD facility is provided at the venue, along with a person to play the music.

4.2       Digital recording of music is preferred.

4.3      All music must be handed in when booking in prior to the start of a Section. Early booking in would assist the Society with the smooth running of the competition.

4.3.1 A separate CD for each event is required and should be in a pocket or case. Only the ONE TRACK RELEVANT to the Section should be on each CD. The Competitor’s name should be clearly written on the CD using an appropriate pen, with details clearly visible through its protective case. Do not use labels on the CD as this may cause CD failure. (Note: if the CD is prepared on a home computer, ensure it is finalised properly and plays through a normal audio system. Please don’t use RW-CDs(re-writable) as they are sometimes not recognised in sensitive replay equipment)

4.3.2 The Society does not accept responsibility for any recording medium that will not play correctly. Duplicate copies of recordings are strongly recommended.

4.4      Vocals on CDs are NOT permitted for Song and Dance or Song and Tap sections.

4.5       Pre-recorded tapping is not permitted in any Tap or Song and Tap section.

  1. TIMING:

5.1       The timing of an item will begin with the commencement of the music and end with the conclusion of the music.  It is a condition of entry that time limits are adhered to.

  1. NOVICE:

6.1       A novice is a person who has not won a first, second or third prize in any competition, at the time of registration, in the section in which he or she is entering. Competitors performing and placing in Under 6 categories at Bendigo Competitions are able to enter novice Under 8 sections at Bendigo Competitions.


7.1       Any competitor incorrectly appearing in any sections will be disqualified from the relevant sections. This applies to solos, duos and troupe sections. No aggregate points will be awarded either individually or to schools in this instance.


8.1       A competitor who commences performing an item and stops will be allowed to restart the item at the end of the section for a critique only. However, if the restart is caused by a technical fault in equipment or the wrong music has been played, a restart for adjudication will be tolerated provided the fault is quickly corrected.


9.1       A competitor can only appear once in any section, except for troupe interchanges.

9.2     Schools entering two or more Troupes in the same section will be allowed an interchange of two (2) performers except in CB453, CB454, CB750, TD453, TD454, TD781,TD782 and TD790 (please see specific interchange rules for these sections).

9.3       Competitors entering solo sections shall only enter their own age groups in either OPEN or NOVICE as appropriate, not both.

 9.4       No routine may be repeated apart from the following exceptions:

VET/VCE– Section TD435

Classical Ballet – Classical Male Own Choice, Classical Female Own Choice, Classical Performance Showcase Solos and Classical Performance Showcase Troupes

Theatrical Dance – Theatrical Male Own Choice, Theatrical Female Own Choice,Theatrical Performance Showcase Solos and Theatrical Performance Showcase Troupes.

Competitors entering any of the above sections are required to check specific entry conditions regarding repetition.


10.1    Competitors may appear only once in each section.

10.2    Competitors may appear in multiple age groups.


11.1    Solo aggregate trophies will be awarded to the competitors gaining the highest aggregate points in specific open solo and novice sections.The specific sections in Classical Ballet are i) Classical Ballet;ii) Neo-Classical, iii) Lyrical Dance, iv) Character or Demi-Character; and v) Contemporary.  The specific sections in Theatrical Dance are i) Tapping; ii) Song and Tap; iii) Song and Dance(Tapping Barred); iv) Jazz or Musical Comedy; and v) Voice Over Vocals(Not Mimed). To be eligible to attain this award, a competitor must have a minimum of six (6) points. 5 points will be awarded for 1st, 3 points for 2nd, 2 points for 3rd and 1 point for H.M regardless of ties.

11.2    A Grand Aggregate Scholarship – Senior and Junior scholarships will be awarded in both Classical and Theatrical disciplines to the competitor gaining the highest aggregate points from the above solo aggregate awards in the open categories. Novice aggregate winners are not eligible to win a Grand Aggregate Scholarship. Competitors performing in age groups 12 years and above (open) are eligible for the Senior Grand Aggregate in both Classical Ballet and Theatrical Dance.  Competitors performing in age groups 8 years and under 12 (open) are eligible for the Junior Grand Aggregate in both Classical Ballet and Theatrical Dance. The Senior Grand Aggregate prize is $200.00 in both disciplines and the Junior Grand Aggregate prize is $100.00 in both disciplines. In the case of a tie, any cash prize will be equally divided between the winners. These cash prizes will be awarded in the form of a scholarship to the student’s dance school to assist with further dance tuition.

11.3   Teacher/School awards will be presented to the teachers of the schools gaining the highest aggregate points, and runners up, in solos,duos/trios and troupe sections. All solos, duos/trios, quads and troupes count towards school aggregates with the exception of IMPROVISATION SECTIONS, VET/V.C.E. and Primary/SecondarySchool sections. Aggregate points for Quads will be included in the troupe count.

11.4    Most Promising Dancer Awards will be awarded to dancers in under 12 years and12 years and over in Classical and Theatrical disciplines.

11.5   Adjudicator’s Choice Awards will be awarded to dancers in under 12 years and 12 years and over in Classical and Theatrical disciplines.

11.6   Troupe prize money 1st $15.00, 2nd $10.00, 3rd $5.00 will be given to dance teachers/schools.  In the case of a tie, the cash prize will be split equally between the place getters. Quads will not be awarded Troupe Prize money but will receive medals as prizes.

11.7   Prize money for Performance Showcase Troupes, Classical Extravaganza Troupe and Stage Spectacular Troupe sections are different to that stated in 11.6. Please refer to schedule for details.

11.8   CHAMPIONSHIP PRIZES: If less than 4 competitors appear, the prize money will be halved for 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

11.9   PERFORMANCE SHOWCASE SOLOS:  If less than 4 competitors appear, the prize money will be halved for 1st.

  1. PROPS:

12.1   Props are permitted in Own Choreography sections.

12.2   Teachers are requested to keep props to a reasonable number and size.  All props must be removed from the stage area when not in use. No large props are allowed in the dressing rooms.


13.1    No rehearsal is permitted on the stage during the Eisteddfod.


14.1   Solo competitors are required to enter either section CB431orCB433. Spiritual/Negro Spiritual dances are not to be performed in Neo-Classical or Contemporary solo sections.


15.1    Parents are not permitted backstage unless by prior arrangement with the session’s Stage Manager.
15.2.   If a teacher is not present, competitors under the age of 10 may have a parent present but permission from the stage manager is required.  If there are multiple students in ‘under 10 sections’ from the one school and no teacher is present, a parent can be nominated as a representative of the school to accompany these competitors.
15.3   Every adult backstage must have visible to the Stage Manager either a Teacher’s Pass or an entry ticket.


16.1    No prompting is permitted side stage or from the audience.


17.1   Teachers are required to provide the names of troupe competitors prior to the commencement of the Eisteddfod to ensure that competitors’ passes are available for these competitors.  One list per age group will suffice in the case of multiple troupe entries.

This Championship is two faceted – (a) Solo Championship and (b) Troupe Championship.



Sections that provide eligibility to this Championship will be announced once all entries are finalised.

18.1    Two items are to be performed by each solo competitor.

18.2    In the event of a competitor winning more than one of the qualifying sections for this section, the Committee in conjunction with the adjudicator(s), may invite from those sections another competitor(s) to perform in this Championship.

18.3    Solo competitors perform two items  – one prior to, and one after interval, with a total performance time of ten minutes.

18.4   Items selected for performance are of own choice with the following criteria: If a competitor gained entry to the Championship via the classical discipline both dances must be from that discipline and at least one of the dances chosen should be from the specific genre of that discipline – e.g. if the competitor gained entry to the Championship in a Neo Classical section then one of the performance items would need to be a neo-classical.  It is permissible, but not essential, to perform the same item that the competitor won in his/her age section.

18.5  Competitors need to notify the Dance Co-ordinator (preferably by email) that they will/will not be participating in the section, and also what they will be performing – e.g. a classical ballet, a jazz, and provide titles if they are performing a demi-character or a song with dance. The date this information is required will be on the invitation.


18.6  Entrance into this Championship will be at the discretion of the adjudicators who will be asked to select from winning troupes in the Under 17 age group and the Open Age group in both classical and theatrical genres .

18.7  In the event of a troupe competitor winning all sections in that genre, the Committee in conjunction with the adjudicator(s), may invite from those sections another competitor(s) to perform in this Championship.

18.8  A troupe gaining entrance into the Championship in a specific genre will be required to perform two dances in that genre, e.g. if entry was via theatrical sections both dances must be from the theatrical genre.

18.9  Competitors need to notify the Dance Co-ordinator (preferably by email) that they will/will not be participating in the section, and also what they will be performing – e.g. a classical ballet, a jazz, and provide titles if they are performing a demi-character or a song with dance. The date this information is required will be on the invitation.