Music Condition of Entry

Bendigo Competitions Society Inc.

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  1. The Society does not accept any responsibility for music books or scores, CD’s or tapes not collected backstage or from the office immediately after the section finishes.
  2. Competitors must provide music to the booking office (for the Adjudicator) well in advance of the commencement of their section/s. 
    1. Photocopied scores must be provided for the Adjudicator. Competitors must be able to produce the original music to comply with copyright rules.
    2. No competitor or teacher identification, or distinguishing marks are permitted.  However it would be helpful if each score was clearly marked with the Section number and Competitor’s number (as per Official Program) when being provided to the booking office.
    3. All bars must be clearly marked and numbered on music scores to be handed in for the adjudicator.
    4. Original music should be used for the Accompanist. If this is impracticable photocopies may be used, providing competitors are able to produce the original music to comply with copyright rules.
    5. In compliance with copyright rules photocopies will not be returned to competitors.
    6. Music scores are not required for the Adjudicator for any sections in the Modern Vocal discipline.
  3. Competitors are to limit their items to reasonable lengths and where stated adhere to time limits.REPEATS SHOULD BE AVOIDED.
  4. Competitors may choose to enter older age groups as well as their own age group, except where a section stipulates the lower age group (e.g 13-17 years)
  5. MODERN VOCAL and CLASSICAL VOCAL competitors entering any “Song from a Stage Musical” Section must provide the title of the song, state which Stage Musical the  song is from. The song presented MUST be from a Stage Musical – it can only be from a film if it has also been produced as a stage musical. 
  6. MUSIC STANDS – Music stands will be available for all disciplines.
  7. For music sections that specify AMEB/ANZCA levels, competitors may only enter the level being studied this year. Useful Reference: “AMEB Manual of Syllabuses”.
  8. DUETS & ENSEMBLES – Individual competitors may be part of more than one duet or ensemble in a section. The same duet or ensemble may only enter once in a particular section.
  9. Competitors must provide a valid email address with their entry. Communication with competitors regarding confirmation of entry, and approximate timetable of events will normally be done via email.