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Bendigo South East College Theatre, Ellis Street, Bendigo

Music Coordinator
David Castles
(03) 5443 0380


Dance Coordinator
Fay Thomas
(03) 5444 5733

Phone Number for contact at the Eisteddfod Venue on days of competition(Bendigo SE College Theatre)

0457 183 589


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Classical Ballet & Theatrical Dance Begins!

The Classical Ballet & Theatrical Dance competition begins on Saturday 28th June and runs through to Tuesday 8th July. Sessions start at 9am, 1.30pm and 7pm on most days and tickets are available at the door. This is great family entertainment with dancers from Bendigo and across Victoria and interstate performing in a range of classical and theatrical events with solos, duos & trios and troupes. Highlights include the Stage Spectacular on Saturday 5th July (7pm) and Championship events throughout the program. For a full list of events go to the Running Sheets tab at the top of this page. All events will be held at the Bendigo South East College Theatre.

The Foundry Invitational Dance Championship will be held on Tuesday 8th July at 7pm.  This event is the culmination of the Dance program and features prize winners from various sections and age groups in the Dance program. This is an event that will provide great entertainment and a night not to be missed!  Tickets are available at the door at the venue – Bendigo South East College Theatre, Ellis Street Bendigo.

Exciting New Venue for the 2014 Eisteddfod!

The Bendigo Competitions Society is excited to announce that the 2014 Eisteddfod will be held at the Bendigo South East College Theatre in Ellis Street, Bendigo. This exciting move has been made in collaboration with Bendigo South East College and together the Society and the Secondary College will be working towards enhancing this important annual event on the Bendigo Arts calendar.


The Bendigo Competitions Society Inc. is an organization run by volunteers and is dedicated to supporting the performing arts. Our members and friends give generously of their time to help and encourage young performers.

Our Annual Competitions currently run for more than nine weeks each year covering thirteen artistic disciplines and providing over 3,500 on-stage performances for artists from all over Australia. There are presently ten committee members who organize this annual event and they are assisted by many volunteers who willingly help as scribes, ushers, ticket sellers, trophy designers, chair-people, backstage organisers, booking-in personnel, canteen workers etc. In recent times there has been a shortage of volunteers – if you would like to assist, please contact the Music or Dance Coordinator.

Register on GENI for Online Entry Maintenance...

Thanks to sponsor partner Trend Logic, we have developed a new on-line Eisteddfod management system to assist in running our competitions. Titled GENI (GAIA Eisteddfod Navigator Interface), competitors will now be able to enter and pay on-line as well as enjoy a host of other features. 

The Bendigo Competitions Society Inc. depends heavily on volunteers. Each three-hour session requires the equivalent of thirty hours of voluntary input. We have sixty sessions overall, requiring 1800 hours of voluntary manpower. We appreciate you taking the time to read this and hope that you will support our work by becoming a volunteer. Please contact the Music or Dance Coordinator if you are able to assist.

Your Help will make a Difference..!

The Society is a not-for-profit organisation. The charges to compete cover only a portion of the costs. When you purchase your admission ticket you make it possible for the Society to continue providing the annual competitions. We also rely on the canteen to cover production costs and appreciate your patronage. We admit competitors without charge to every session and provide children’s tickets at substantially reduced prices.

We are very grateful for additional funding that comes from sponsors, donations, the City of Greater Bendigo, Bendigo IT and individuals. The search for additional financial support becomes increasingly difficult. New sponsors and supporters would be welcomed and truly appreciated.

Come along, sit back and enjoy the parade of wonderful talent presented to us by the youth of Australia as they strive for excellence in their chosen discipline, at the same time providing us with wonderful entertainment. We trust you will enjoy your time with us and encourage others to become part of our audiences supporting and encouraging our competitors.

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